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Ministerial Panel under S8 of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 announced30.04.2016

A long standing impediment to the Construction Contracts Act 2013 being given an effective commencement date, was the appointment of a Ministerial Panel of Adjudicators in line with S8 of the 2013 Act. On the 15th January 2016 the Minster of State for Business and Employment, in exercising the powers conferred on him by the 2013 Act, announced the appointment of Construction Contracts... (read more)

LEA’s Lead Consultant Ian O’Connor is proud to be a Member of the Adjudication Society29.04.2016

Our lead Consultant Mr. Ian O’Connor is proud to confirm his membership of the Adjudication Society, why not check out Ian’s profile at or get in touch with Ian to discuss your adjudication queries via our Contact... (read more)

Clients / Design Teams – Are you ready for the Construction Contracts Act 2013?20.04.2016

The effects of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 are far reaching, encompassing not only Main Contracts, sub contracts and sub sub-contracts, both also Professional Services Contracts as outlined under S1(2) of the 2013 Act. Such Professional Service Contracts can be with the Employer or Client, they may be with a Main Contractor or Sub-Contractor, or they may even be Consultant to... (read more)

Construction Contracts Act 2013 receives its Effective Commencement Date10.04.2016

On the 13th April 2016 the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Mr. Gerald Nash, issued S.I. 165 of 2016 cited as “The Construction Contracts Act 2013 (Appointment Day) Order 2016” giving an Effective Date of the 25th July 2016 to the Construction Contracts Act 2013 . It is clear that the Act will apply to all Construction Contracts entered into after the Effective Date, for... (read more)

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